The Lost Mines of Phandelver

Almost Easy

Our intrepid-aspiring heros take an easy job delivering a wagonload of provisions to the frontier town of Phandalin, several days to the south of Neverwinter. Their new boss, Gundren Rockseeker left town immediately to take care of business, accompanied by a human companion, Sildar Hallwinter

After several days travel, our heros leave the relative safety of the High road for the smaller, wilder triboar trail headed west to Phandalin. 

About half a days ride outside of town their nameless hireling rogue, who was scouting ahead, reports finding two horses blocking the trail. As the party approaches, despite efforts taken to scout the area, goblins burst from the bush, surprising half the party. 

Overcoming their first real encounter in the world,  our group manages to subdue the last goblin for questioning. The group fighter and paladin took turns trying to alternatively persuade and intimidate the goblin, but had to waste valuable healing to revive him more than once. Fortunately for the rest of the party waiting around for the circus to end, they do eventually learn that the horses definitely belong to their employer and his human companion, that the goblins were sent to capture them and the map that Gundren would be carrying and that they were all taken back to the local goblin party hangout… er, cave. 

With forewarning about possible traps on the path, our heros stash the wagon and take off in pursuit of their absconded boss. 

After finding the goblin cave, and awkwardly silencing the goblin sentries, our heros feed some wolves and completely avoid the goblin den while making their way up the steep tunnel. 

The rogue pulls his weight and takes care of a bridge sentry while the rest of the party takes out guards at the top of the tunnel. 

After a long discussion outside the room at the top of the cave, our heros decide on the best course of action for their attack… which included the rooms bonfire in many creative ways. 

The rogue takes out a goblin by the rooms entrance, but is seen and immediately attacked by the leader of the goblins, a bugbear named Klarg who fortunately misses. The rogue attempts to pirouette around Klarg to get behind for a deadly attack on the bugbear, but trips over the monsters big furry feet and goes prone. The paladin and fighter rush in to help the rogue: the paladin misses Klarg with a mighty swipe as he rushes past – leaping over the fallen rogue – but manages to successfully block Klargs favourite wolf from eating the rogues face. Meanwhile, the dwarven fighter manages to tear open Klargs chest with a mighty blow from his great axe!

The half-elf Bard, Nephis, goes for the lone remaining goblin in the room and utterly fails to pull the bearskin carpet out from under his feet. 

Meanwhile, the bugbear, infuriated over his chest wound and his stepped-on toes, clubs the rogue and with a critical hit, and explodes his head all over the cave floor. 

Not taking no for an answer, the bard puts his back into it and pulls at the rug again, dropping the goblin to the floor, and hurling the bearskin through the fire at the bugbear. The damp, mangy bearskin doesn't take the fire, but does land on the bugbear, causing a disadvantaged situation. 

In the opposite corner, the wolf attacks the paladin, scratching his shield, and the paladin, upset over all the polishing this will force him to do, splits the wolfs head in two. 

The fighter and Klarg trade blows a few times, the bard fires crossbow bolts, and Klarg finally trips over the body of the rogue, going prone himself. The paladin lifts his shield in two hands and brings it down on the back of Klargs head, knocking him out. It wasn't an elegant win… but they'll take it. 

The bard questions Klarg and learns of someone called the black spider. Gundren has been delivered to the king of the goblins who will be handing him over to the spider. They also learn that the human companion is being held back in the goblin den that our hero's skipped on their way up here and they decide to go back down and reclaim Sildar. Meanwhile, the group finds Klargs small treasure and the paladin skins the wolf for a hat forcing the rest of the party to keep their distance for the rest of the trip. 

Back down in the goblins den, our heros plot out a course of action in the dark entrance. The paladin rushes upper plateau, bounding up the stairs and confronting the goblin leader standing over the prone Sildar. The rest of the group take the remaining 3 goblins by surprise on the floor, quickly dispatching 2 although the bard takes serious damage in the process. . 

The paladin successfully renders the goblin leader unconcious and, seeing there is still a remaining goblin below, and infused with holy rage, runs off the ledge – leaping through the air at the unsuspecting evil minion. 

As he hurtles through that dark space, the rest of the party turns as the Paladin lets out a holy "W-O-R-T-H I-T…" and then completely miss the goblin with his terminal-downstroke. Fortunately the girth of his… pack… was weight enough to erase the goblin across the cavern floor. 

Our heros won their last battle of the day… a lot of goblins ended up in the fire – but at least that covered the smell of the wolf carcass!

Our heros rescue Sildar and, after questioning him, agree that he had nothing to do with the goblin attack that captured Gundren, and they untie his bonds. The party decides to go after Gundren, but don't know where to start. First, they need to get back to town to deliver the wagon full of goods and rest up. They are also going to try and collect a reward for all of the pilfered goods found in the goblin cave. 



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